Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Listener Tournament!

For anyone still following or RSS-ing this much-neglected blog, please be advised that PokerDiagram is running a Listener Tournament on Full Tilt in the near future - checkout for full details....


Peter said...

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Jon said...


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Luigi said...

Hey guys

I've just subscribed to your podcast. Do you play music on your show? If yes, it would be great if you would consider including my new song I Tilted, which you can find at It was motivated by a bad decision at my local tournament a few weeks ago.

Of course it is podsafe:)

Luigi Cappel

john said...

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brianna said...

Yes !! I think you are right peter.. Thanks for your advise.



Gareth Witty said...
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Gareth Witty said...

Hey guys, whens the next podcast, its been a very long time and I think the UK needs to put out more podcasts about poker

Gareth Witty said...

Hey guys, perhaps you may use this blog, perhaps not, but could there be a podcast soon???